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Your Number One Marketing and Outreach Tool Revealed

I ate at Chipotle today. Good burrito.

As I sat and looked around their restaurant, I was struck by the distinctive culture and experience they are building. Environment, communications, and personalities were in synch. Very impressive… creative brand positioning across the board.

I was intrigued enough to do a google search once back at the office. I found an interview with a Regional Director of Chipotle on how they are trying to build the brand and build awareness. Here’s what Phil Petrilli had to say:

“Word of mouth gives us some of our best marketing,” says Petrilli. (Chipotle does not advertise on television.) “When people understand what we’re doing, why it makes a difference and why it makes the food taste better, they’re excited and want to tell others about it.”

Churches. Ministries. Non-Profits. Word of Mouth… This is your Number One Marketing and Outreach Tool. Sadly, it’s often overlooked and underprioritized. Just like Chipotle, encourage your organization to build a marketing culture built on people telling your story to others. Coach them on what to say if they don’t know how to say it. (Hint: your mission would be an obvious start point or simply the difference it is making in people’s lives). It has been and always will be the most effective way for you to get the word out. (And let’s not forget about the ease and multiplied reach of people sharing within their online networks.)

IMPORTANT REMINDER: You are making a difference in people’s lives. You are a part of changing the world with the message of Hope. Let this simple messaging become viral within your tribe and you’ll be amazed at your return on investment. I hate that a burrito restaurant had to serve as my reminder here. Kudos to Chipotle  for making it a priority and expanding the reach of their brand.

BTW, nice napkins Chipotle (see above pic). Clever and deliberate to their brand… just like everything else I experienced while enjoying a mighty fine burrito.

Read the interview on the Chipotle Brand:


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