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How Do People Spend Their Time Online?

Great overview of how different demographics spend their time online… huge implications for communications and brand strategies for all organizations. It’s a digital world in which we live. Are you in it? Or not? Enjoy.



The Impact of Recalibrating a Brand

Recalibrate means to adjust precisely.

Circumstances change. People change. Vision changes.

Consider the elements of change over the last three years that have impacted the local church. Recession. New Economy. Social networking. Technology. Environmental disasters. Budgets. Downsizing…

Change causes leaders and organizations to adjust their focus to reflect a new vision or renewed purpose. Recalibrating a brand by making precise adjustments is critical to placing you and your organization on the same vision pathway.

Examples of Recalibration:

+ Apple was in the shadows of Microsoft and the PC era for years and consequently a company struggling for market share. Through a renewed focus of innovation and design, Apple is now the wealthiest company in the world and has drastically changed the way we use computers, tablets, smartphones, music, video, and the internet.

+ Starbucks over expansion coupled with the economic downturn caused them to recommit to their original passion of simply being “purveyors of the finest coffees”, allowing them to get back to the basics of what made them successful.

+ Campus Crusade for Christ realized their name was a limiter to their mission and vision. In order to connect with younger generations, they embarked on a brand shift by shortening their name to CRU (btw, they may have dropped Christ from the name, but they still have a cross in the logo.)

+ Copperfield Church Houston was healthy in so many ways, but they were restless as a church. They knew God was calling them to do MORE for the Kingdom. They had a renewed vision of MORE people knowing Christ. MORE love given to more people. And, MORE lives changed. Copperfield’s purpose was bigger and more urgent than ever.

Recalibrating a brand allows people to clearly see and understand the direction you’re going. It’s critical to creating buy in and to begin a unified movement.

Recalibrating a brand…

+ is born out of intense passion to make more impact.

+ causes you to see your path more clearly than ever before.

+ creates excitement.

+ creates movement.

+ overcomes obstacles.

+ advances mission and vision.

+ is necessary as people and environments change at warp speed.

+ requires courage.

Seth Godin, author/blogger says “We either ignore your brand or we judge it, usually with too little information”. Are people ignoring your brand? If they judge, what are they saying? Do they have enough knowledge of your brand to want to invest more? Is your brand alive? Or barely breathing?

Ten years ago, recalibrating your brand meant redesigning your logo and print collateral. Today, recalibrating your brand means rethinking your digital presence. People will likely have a digital encounter of a brand (over 95% of the time) before they have a relational encounter. How will people experience your brand online?

Precisely adjust your brand. Recalibrate to begin your movement. Others have done it. Why not you?