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Social Facelift: Styling Your Facebook Page

Facebook is designed to reflect your uniqueness. From images and videos to likes and status updates, we control our personal “brand”. As an organization on Facebook, you have even more control over the expression of your organization’s brand and culture. Through the use of FBML (Facebook’s custom programming language), you can create customized messaging and experiences that connect with users.

In the past, organizations had been limited to the same “standard” interface design that individual Facebook pages were limited to. However, as various Facebook pages for organizations have been made available (Fan Page, Place Page, Group Page, etc.), your ability to create customized content pages has improved greatly. We’re now working with organizations across the country to style custom Facebook pages that prioritize their organization’s brand and content assets.  These pages can accommodate rich designs and provide links to resources, media, and content within your website (i.e. twitter, vimeo, blogs).

Of course, like many social platforms, there are limitations to the canvas size and functionality, but Facebook’s page styling is a great way to position your brand with clarity and provide a distinctive presence for visitors, friends, fans, likes, and the broader networks residing in FB world.

The DC team will keep you updated on new opportunities to build your reach and your brand in FB.




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