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recommended app of the week: LastPass

LastPass Logo

Continuing the App of the Week conversation, here is another app I couldn’t function without: LastPass.

Passwords are a real hassle. Generally, people fall into two camps:

  • Camp 1: You use the same secure password for every account, which increases your vulnerability should your password ever become compromised.
  • Camp 2: You use some customized form of the same password on each site, which over time, become impossible to remember.

LastPass helps fix all of this. This app installs into any browser and stores all your passwords for you. Now this isn’t anything special, because most browsers have built in password storage capabilities. Where LastPass really stands out is you can install this app on all your browsers across all your devices and then access your passwords from the same source. Plus, if you are on a public machine and need to retrieve a password, you can access your password vault through the LastPass website.

So what does this mean for you. No more generic password for everything, forgetting your password for that site you rarely visit, or storing passwords in unprotected areas (like contact lists) for bad guys to find. Simply download the app, set your master password, store your individual passwords and forget about it. Each time you visit a site that LastPass has your password for, it automatically populates your password for you. It’s as simple as that.

Remember, password protection is a very sensitive topic. One you have installed the app, pay close attention to your settings. Protect yourself by ensuring the LastPass settings have been optimized for your specific usage.


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  1. Great post Adam. I look forward to your weekly contribution.

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