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recommended app of the week: Dropbox

Dropbox Logo

Apps are great, especially when they help to accomplish a task with ease and efficiency. Apps come in all shapes and sizes and run on any number of platforms: Mac, PC, Android, iPad, iPhone. I am especially fond of those that work across multiple platforms. There are a number of apps I use on a regular basis that are so good, I feel they must be shared. Over the next few weeks, I will unpack those that I like and use the most.

Though each of these apps perform a distinct function or serve a specific purpose, they all have common attributes.

  • Most are cross platform, which mean they will run on a variety of machines and devices.
  • All are very well done, performing their specific function with excellence.
  • Most important of all, they are all FREE.

One app I use every day is Dropbox. This tool is amazing. Dropbox is essentially a file storage/sharing app that allows you to save files to one location (computer, mobile device or web) and it automatically syncs that file across all of your other machines/devices. This is a must have app for anyone with multiple devices. Need to move a document from your computer to your mobile device, but want to make sure you don’t have multiple copies floating around, Dropbox does it without a hiccup.

The process is simple:

  • Sign up for a free account at Dropbox.com (you get 2GB of online storage, but can earn more by inviting your friends to join).
  • Install the small app on all your machines/devices.
  • Start adding documents and let Dropbox do it’s magic.

This little app is great and one I just had to share. Check it out, I think you will find it useful.


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