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How iPad and Tablet Devices are Changing Publication Readership

A recent post at Mashable.com spotlights publishing companies that are closely watching the success of iPads/tablets and digital readership. The article cites Wired magazine’s success story, keying in on the early adopter audience to the digital magazine concept. “The first issue of Wired on the iPad sold 105,000 copies, according to Ad Age. That was significantly higher than the print sales for the same issue. Since then, Wired for iPad has sold an average of 30,000 copies per month, or about 37% of the newsstand sales.”

Keep in mind the infancy of the iPad (a little over a year old) in relationship to the numbers above. This, along with phenomenal sales growth of the iPad and other tablet devices, should be a hint of what’s on the horizon: publication readership on these devices will continue to grow in popularity and preference.

How does this impact your communications strategy?

Reality: New digital devices continue to replace the need for print. Many have scaled back publication printing or are looking at the feasibility of doing so in the interests of cost savings. The challenge is to be aware of emerging trends driven by the iPad and the implications for how you need to communicate in the future. Look around and survey your constituents to check the pulse: how many have smartphones or iPads/tablets? How can you embrace the digital publication movement and make changes for iPad/tablet fans, and, consequently, save time and money? Will you be an early adopter to the developing digital revolution we are in?


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