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The Problem with my Web Site is… By You

The DC team has completed a whirl-wind tour of four different conferences in the month of February in which we spoke to groups on the future role and impact of web and social media for mission-led organizations. We heard many of you talk about the challenges and concerns you faced.


+ The problem with my web site is… I have no idea how to strategically utilize social media platforms, specifically Facebook and Twitter to create conversation. Build online community? Reach more people?

+ The problem with my web site is… I’m not aware what Content Management System we need to be using that allows us to be current technology, utilize the best tools, and better manage content from multiple staffers or volunteers. How can we make it easier on everyone involved?

+ The problem with my web site is… I don’t know how we stay knowledgeable of all the changing technologies and platforms when our time is already stretched so thin.

+ The problem with my web site is… I know there are smarter ways to incorporate blogs, podcasts, video, giving, and registration, but how can we sort through the multitude of options when we barely have enough time for week-to-week communication and ministry tasks?

We are hearing these needs, questions, and frustrations surface from organizations of all sizes including entities with competent staff and plentiful resources. No matter the size the end goal is the same.


Here’s what everyone wants… most everyone we talk to simply wants and expects more from their web site. People realize that the web is changing so fast and that a web strategy that was created just 24 months ago can be dated and lag behind new advances and audience expectations. Leaders understand that they have to be more strategic and intentional with their web ministry than ever before. There’s too much to gain and too much to lose. Here’s the real rub.  Mapping web vision, determining the right tools and platforms, creating the right interface design, and then developing with the latest programming standards is a huge and daunting task. For one person to get their arms around this monster and then drive it forward in a timely and competent fashion can be an overwhelming initiative for anyone. So what do you do?


1. Find the right development specialists. Turn this into a strategic initiative in which you bring in mind power and expertise to support your own. It’s time for mission-led organizations to think about hiring a web development team that can provide proven, integrated solutions to solve today’s web problems. Your web ministry requires strategic investment. It’s a mission-critical piece to your organizational success.

2. Find the smartest Content Management System that fits your skill sets and expectations. Having the right CMS can create so many efficiencies for connecting your message with more people. You can easily find yourself in a CMS that is super-easy but limited on features. In addition, there are mega-rich CMS solutions that can be overwhelming with too many layers of complexity. Finding the right CMS is critical to your web management success. Your CMS should fit your skills and the way you want and need to communicate.

3. Find the right third party solutions to integrate into your site for greater impact. A new trend is to utilize “industry best” solutions for obvious reasons. Is it Vimeo or YouTube or both? What’s the right blog platform and how does it interact with our web site? What’s our strategy with Facebook and Twitter? How can we make registration and commerce easy and an end-user benefit. Should our enews use Constant Contact or Mail Chimp… or something else?

4. Expect more power with greater simplicity. Remember just three years ago how limiting and clunky “smartphones” seemed to be. We were content being able to receive email, get online and synch our calendars to our computer. Fast forward to today and think about the advancements of apps for Smartphones. Undeniably, we can do more with Smartphones today, and it seems easier than ever. Expect the same for your future web site. There are smarter CMS’s and tools that allow you to do more with greater ease and efficiency.

It’s time to become web empowered instead of web inept. It’s an exciting time for mission-lead leaders and communicators. The shift towards digital continues to happen in significant ways.  What’s your plan for boldly and confidently getting in the web shift?


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