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Beyond the Ordinary: Brand Lessons from ColdPlay

Every now and then, we come across a brand experience that jolts us in all the right ways… leaving a lasting and loyal impression. When that happens (typically a rare occurrence) from that moment on we become faithful followers and number one advocates.

Looking back at brand experiences that have made lasting, indelible impressions… Coldplay in concert at the Oak Mountain Amphitheater jumps to the top of the list. I’d been a fan of Coldplay’s music through the years and was “somewhat” excited about attending the show. I scored some tickets the day of the show… turned out to be one of the best show’s I’ve seen.

Three things a Coldplay concert can teach us about creating extraordinary brand experiences.

UNBRIDLED EXUBERANCE . The energy and passion that Coldplay poured into every song was astounding. You can go to alot of shows and not experience that kind of emotion and investment. After all, this was probably number 25 of 150+ concert stops across the world. The crowd was feeding on the genuine passion and energy Coldplay poured into each song and every audience member.

ELEMENT OF SURPRISE. The amphitheatre seats over 20,000 people. So, how can you make the environment seem intimate enough so that everyone feels engaged to every note, every lyric? Coldplay accomplished what very few bands could. About 7-8 songs into the show, the band came running up the aisles to a portable stage about ten rows in front of us. The place was crazy with excitement being that close to Martin and the guys. What major label group does that? We were basically front row ticket holders for a three-song set. My cheap, nose bleed seats became some of the best seats in the house… sweet surprise Coldplay.

GOING THE EXTRA MILE WHEN OTHERS DON’T. The show was incredible… one of those you hate to see come to an end. I would say most everyone experienced something far greater than they anticipated. Upon leaving the amphitheater every concert attendee was given a special souvenir CD of Coldplay with various live tracks and even some new releases. It was simply awesome and I would have never expected something of such value… for FREE! Of all the concerts I’ve been to in my years, I’ve never experienced a gift of appreciation from a band quite like that. Very impressed with their gesture and willingness to go the extra mile to insure I had a memorable evening with the boys from across the pond.

I cannot tell you how many people I’ve told my Coldplay experience to in the months that followed… and I’ll continue to tell the story. Without question, I’ll be seeing Coldplay the next time they tour the States.


1.Make a brand statement by allowing your followers to experience significantly more passion and exuberance behind what you do.
2.Focus on creating elements of surprise and less predictability to add value and lasting impressions of your brand.
3.Go the extra mile by doing “little BIG things” that others simply fail to consider and do.


One Response

  1. Best concert ever, hands down. Don’t forget the butterfly confetti that tied-in with the CD package ans stage design. Everything was top-quality. And it wasn’t about being over the top, just about thinking about the audience in a different way.

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