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Are You In the Shift?

We are living in one of the most significant shifts in modern day history.

It’s created new behaviors, experiences, and expectations for generations young and old.  A combination of platforms and devices (social networking, blogging, video, smartphones, and tablets) have lead substantial advancement in how people digitally connect and relate to just about anything or anyone.

We all know the shift is on.  We have to ask ourselves the questions.  Are we in the shift? Outside of the shift?  Overwhelmed by the shift?

Your response directly impacts your visibility, relevance, and ability to impact and live out your mission and fulfill vision.

Being in the Shift means you and your web presence are competent in these two critical areas:

+ MORE CONVERSATION. There’s a new tone for web experiences and it’s driven by the market’s appetite for more conversation.  Your audience expects you to let go of the “corporate posture” and open your hearts.  People want real and authentic, in addition to (or even more than) details and data.  The shift is being fueled by genuine, natural conversation that has become an end-user expectation.
It’s time to take your digital brand and content to a higher level of openness.  Platforms such as Blogs, Facebook, and Twitter are conversational essentials.

+ FEEDING CONTENT. There is a shift from end users searching for content to now having preferred content delivered to them.  New platforms and devices make it easy for users to subscribe and have specific content automatically delivered.  Facebook, blogs, video, podcasts, calendar events… all of these content elements have the ability to be fed to end users in real time, directed to their preferred platforms and devices.  In addition, smartphone apps offer a different type of feed, in that end users are one app click away from the specific content they crave.  Static and parked content will be overlooked as content feeds and apps become the expected norm.
How much content are you feeding to your audience and wider networks?  Are your content assets resting at your web site or are they being dynamically delivered to your audience as you read this?

Being in the shift should create a renewed excitement and passion for everyone.  It’s a new day for communicating and relationship building.  Right now, your message has more reach and more impact potential as our world continues to shift digitally.  Consider the possibilities of being in the shift versus the liabilities of watching it go by.


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