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The Before and After of A Rejuvenated Brand

Copperfield is a very, very healthy church … numerical growth, growing congregation, zero debt, healthy budget and more importantly lives being changed. So why would the leadership of the church feel like they needed an identity overhaul… a rejuvenated brand?

Kudos to Copperfield’s leadership for not “getting comfortable” when it would be easy to do so. For Copperfield, an identity overhaul was more than doing all things with excellence. It was also about reinforcing their unabashed commitment to living their mission… with greater fervor than ever.

One of the main objectives of the Copperfield’s brand rejuvenation project was to create the “beginnings of  a mission movement”. Following are more benefits resulting from their brand overhaul:

+ CLARITY IN MISSION. Redefining of mission and values in simplified voice and visual model for easy understanding and buy in.
+ GENUINENESS. Allowing people to see and hear Copperfield’s genuine commitment for knowing Christ, loving people, and changing lives.
+ CULTURE SHIFT. Building a culture that is entirely focused on God’s mission and vision of the church.
+ RETOOLED COMMUNICATIONS. Creating strategy and new methods of communicating within and beyond the church walls with value and relevance.
+ STANDING OUT. Positioning Copperfield as something very unique and special amidst the noise and busyness of a major metropolitan/suburban setting.
+ INTERNET SHIFT. Expanding Copperfield’s digital presence by integrating its internet assets of web site, facebook, twitter, blog, and video.
+ MOMENTUM. Building and sustaining momentum in Copperfield’s pursuit of God’s mission as a church.

BRAND LAUNCH SEPTEMBER, 2010. Following you’ll find a glimpse of their brand rejuvenation to be unpacked to the congregation this fall. The roll-out plan begins with a multi-week sermon series devoted to educating the congregation on the meaning and impact of living the mission. DC is quite pleased with the results of the strategy and creative behind this project. We think the visual results speak for themselves. (BTW, great job to Graham Yelton, DC Creative Director and the rest of the DC team!) Check out the before and after:


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