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The New Web


The web world is changing at breakneck speed (I know I’m stating the obvious). It’s interesting to see who is embracing web change and who isn’t. We’ve seen early adopters, which represents the overwhelming minority, keeping up with end user expectations. And, we’ve seen late and non-adopters gradually loose their online relevance because of complacency or their simply being unaware of what’s happening around them. 

ONE DIMENSIONAL WEB (limited web foot print). The vast majority of web sites are comfortable (sadly) in pushing one-dimensional information to their audiences. There has been safety in knowing that people on the inside are “controlling” the messages delivered to those on the outside.  There was a time when this was the expected norm… everyone’s web site was thought of as an abundant resource of information to be pushed to its audiences. Their web foot print primarily consisted of their url as an online destination or defined space. A real problem with one-dimensional/information web sites is they typically squash the heartbeat or voice of that organization. The experience is more about details and less about human emotion and interaction. Unfortunately this site is often devoid of perspective, inspiration, spirit, life, and changed lives.  Even worse, it places a real limitation on your mission’s reach. The success of this model was predicated on getting people to your site and providing relevant content once they arrived. As you can see, this represents a very one-dimensional approach and illustrates a tired and dying web model. 


MULTIDIMENSIONAL  COMMUNITY AND CONVERSATION (multiplied web foot print). Contrast the one-dimensional web experience to the multidimensional experience and you’ll see a dynamic exchange of conversation and relationship building between intertwined communities. This web experience is far from static. The multidimensional web provides information but is not limited to just that. Relationships flourish. Conversation and connection is natural and encouraged. Mission, vision, perspective, and changed lives are openly shared. Web experiences are richer and more personal to end-users.  Information is provided in ways that is relevant to various audience needs… more dynamic than static. The multidimensional model represents a greatly expanded web foot print because it is now permeating peoples’ social networks. (One-dimensional web sites are cut off from this world entirely… equating to lost opportunity.)

Multidimensional community and conversation means strategic integration and cross referencing of your web site, facebook, twitter, blog, flickr, podcasts, enews, vimeo or youtube channels. Instead of having one door of entry, being your web site, audiences now have multiple entry points for connection. Each of those entries connects you to a vibrant network of people, communities, and experiences. From our last post we saw the crazy-growth statistics in the web world… social media, smartphones, video, podcasts, and blogging continue to experience rapid increases. It’s paramount that we continue to listen to digital audience expectations and more aggressively embrace their shifts and preferences. 

For those who have an experimental or even accidental presence in twitter, facebook, or the blogosphere you have missed the boat. You are likely silent to your audience and the vast, social network frontier. For those who find themselves in one-dimensional web space, it’s time to embrace change and begin to rethink. It’s time to create a strategy focused on multiplying your web footprint to allow your mission and vision to impact more people. Delaying any movement only widens the gap between you and the web world.

If you already have a multi-dimensional web footprint, your challenge will be as simple as author Jim Collins’: how do you move from “good to great”? How do you continue to refine your strategy and strengthen the relevance of your web foot print or multidimensional reach?

The digital tools to impact more people are here. They’re proven. And, they’re right in front of us. It’s simple… you’ll either move to multiply your relevance and reach. Or, without changing, you’ll begin to retract your relevance and reach.

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