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The Digital World In Which We Live

There’s a new paradigm in communication that is being fueled by conversation, community and convenient technologies. By first understanding more of what the communication landscape, trends, and preferences are, we then will be able to connect with more people in meaningful and relevant ways.

Here’s a broad, current snapshot of the communication world of the people you are trying to engage…

+ 45% male, 55% female
+ Most people would rather follow other tweets than make their own tweets
+ Average Twitter user has about 27 followers
+ 37 percent of active users utilize their phone to tweet.
+ Don’t concentrate so much on the number of followers you have as the content you provide. Most people won’t have Rick Warren’s 100,000 followers, but your influence and impact on 25 followers can still be as profound.

+ The number 1 website among 17-25 year olds
+ Average user is connected to 60 pages, groups and events
+ Average user creates 70 pieces of content each month
+ 50% of active users log on to Facebook in any given day
+ Average user has 130 friends

+ 1 in 3 adults has recently read a blog post
+ 61% of blog readers are 30 years old and up, 40% of them have an average household income of +$90k
+ 25% of young adults read blogs at least once a week

+ 35-64 year olds make up nearly 50-65% of YouTube’s audience
+ Average viewer watches almost 6 hours of Internet video every month
+ 54% of female Internet users ages 12 and up have streamed a video online in the past 30 days. 60% of adults 35 to 54 have recently streamed online video in the past 30 days.

+ News and reference apps are the most frequently used apps on smartphones. On average, news apps get used more than once per day, at a rate of 11 times per week.
+ The iPhone made up 50% of US smartphone usage
+ iPhone users perform the following: web browsing 80%; email 76%; mobile music 66%; social networking 55%; web search 55%
+ 75% of iphone users are male and the majority are aged 18-44

+ The average number of hours per week the average person is spending online is now at 11 hours, up from 9 hours last year.
+ Typical “internet users” spend 32.7 hours per week online and about half as much time watching television

+ People have multiple, digital connection tracks today in which they expect conversation, community, and relevant content.
+ Social media is not a passing trend, but an integral part of people’s daily lives.
+ Smartphones and broadband growth are changing the type of information way we seek and expect on a daily basis.
+ Video will become a more commonplace experience and expectation especially with the increasing growth and power of smartphones.
+ Opportunities for churches, schools, and organizations to connect are greater than ever. At the same time, the opportunities for disconnect are greater than ever as well.
+ Your communication plan increasingly becomes more essential with the constant evolution of people’s application of technology to their lives.
+ Smart application of social media can expand your web footprint substantially and connect you to hundreds and/or thousands of new people and relationships.

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